Zufashan Hasan

Zufashan Hasan


Zufashan Hasan teaches law at Cedar College. She holds an LL.B from the University of London, and practiced criminal litigation at MCAS&W Law Associates before transitioning into the areas of Human Rights, Judicial Reform and Education.

Zufashan’s student-oriented style of teaching brings an off-kilter zest and rigour to her classroom. In the last five years, she has taught A-Level Law at Cedar College and Foundation Public School. In 2012, her immense passion for teaching law led her to tutor students in various Undergraduate courses for the University of London (UoL), International LL.B Programme. This was the start of an amazing journey during which she has lectured at various institutions which host the UoL International LL.B Programme such as L’ecole for Advanced studies (LAS) and The Millennium University College (TMUC).

In addition to classroom teaching, Zufashan’s academic interests range from progressive pedagogy and educational technology to philosophy and women’s legal challenges. She was engaged with SABAQ, where she created digital content for children in government and primary schools in Pakistan. In her spare time, Zufashan practices classical music and is training to play the Sitar.