Roque Martin D’Mello

Roque Martin D’Mello


Roque Martin D’Mello teaches Physics at Cedar College. Having taught Physics at a number of schools, including Southshore School, Nixor College and St. Patricks High School, he has acquired a profusion of experience on the subject. During this time he has also completed training and development courses through Cambridge International Examinations for O and A levels.

Having achieved his Bachelor of Engineering in Avionics from the Pakistan Air Force Academy Roque went on to obtain a Masters in Business Administration from the Institute of Business Administration. The combination allowed him to work in diverse capacities in the engineering and business industry alike. Notably, he has managed key engineering projects for the Pakistan Air Force and a number of marketing projects for the Central Depository Company.

Roque cannot be defined by his love for physics alone. Having taught himself to play the trumpet and the guitar, whilst with the Air Force, he was a member of the Music Band and currently spends his evenings composing, playing and listening to jazz (and other) music. He chooses to expend his excess energy on the basketball court having captained his School and University team, or on the badminton court (although he is yet to win a trophy to prove the competence he brags). Roque loves nothing more than to learn and to understand, and to this end he enjoys reading and discussing questions of theology, philosophy, science and history, as well as taking out time to travel, dance and dine with friends and family.