Hamza Shafiq

Hamza Shafiq


M.Hamza Shafiq has been in the educational field for over six years, with an experience of teaching students at secondary level. He has always been passionate about learning and discovering new ideas, creations and further spreading this knowledge to others.

Hamza strongly believes that this field of education is a very delicate and significant one. He believes that this field does not sell any physical goods but a valuable life-changing service for students. It should always be remembered that it is the lives, future and career of students that is in the hands of their teachers so one should always respect this field and be honest with their work.

Added to this, he strives to create a friendly classroom atmosphere where students remain within the boundaries of respect but can still speak of all the queries flooding their minds. He believes that once the teacher-student relation becomes strong, from that day every child respects the subject, works hard and thus brings about fruitful results.