Ali Qazi

Ali Qazi

Accounting, Business Studies

Teaching comes as second nature to Ali, who has been teaching Accounting and GRE/GMAT test prep ever since he completed his A Levels. He also happens to be the first faculty member to join Cedar ever since its advent! He is now working as the Accounts teacher at the college, and even teaches the course Finance and Investment Strategies. After working at centres such as Anees Hussain previously, Ali founded AIDA, a centre which he managed and taught at for three years before moving into the corporate world.

Ali is a Business Administration grad, majoring in Finance, from IoBM. In his time with working in the corporate sector, he created apps in collaboration with various tech companies for corporate giants such as ENGRO and OGDCL. After working as a financial analyst for the KSE, he discovered that technology was his forte and teaching was his passion. Since then, he has gone all the way from working at Rocket Internet, to being hired as the first employee of Cedar College. His time at Cedar has revolved around researching, developing and managing the technology and academics for the school. After setting up the I.T. solutions, he was able to transition into teaching Accounting here.

He is also very passionate about producing music. He conducts a core course at Cedar, known as “Introduction to music production”, where he works closely with his students to create melodious tracks.